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Reyrr are happy to refund within 14 days for any unsuitable items, provided they are in resalable condition.  

As a consumer, you always have a fourteen (14) day right of return. If you want to return your item for exchange or repurchase during this time, you must contact us and we will help you further. Reyrr has no possibility to reimburse the cost of return shipping afterward. You as a customer have the right to try and examine the product at home to ensure that the product meets your expectations.

If you return an unused item with associated labels and packaging within 14 days, the full amount will be refunded, or the desired change will be made. If the quality of the product has been affected as a result of you as a customer having handled it more than is necessary to investigate its properties or functions, a deduction will be made on the refund corresponding to the depreciation of the product.

If you like to you use DHL agreement for your return, please contact us. 89 Sek for rerun within Sweden.

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